Experience the Miracle of Structured Water

Imagine water so pure that it can help eliminate toxins from your body — even clear calcification from your pineal gland, optimizing brain function and consciousness. Imagine water so pure, it can improve skin and hair, relieve joint and muscle pain, remove calcium and prevent corrosion of pipes, maximize the growth of plants in your home and garden.   And these are just some of the miraculous effects of structured water — water whose molecular structure has been harmonized to it’s purest, most natural form.

A discovery by Clayton Nolte now makes it possible for everyone to experience the benefits of structured water. His discovery —the Natural Action Structured Water Unit —  transforms ordinary tap water into extremely hydrating, structured water. It will allow you to purify the water in your home the same way mother nature does. It kills anaerobic bacteria (bad bacteria). It strengthens aerobic bacteria (good bacteria). It balances your water. It softens your water. It doesn’t filter out the nutrients in water like most water filters on the market do. And one of the best parts about the Structured Water Unit is that you never have to replace anything on it. Carry a small portable structured water unit wherever you go or purchase from a selection of a whole house structured water units. There are no replaceable parts, it’s a one-time installation and it has a lifetime guarantee! Install the structured water unit once and reap the benefits for a lifetime. No more need for bottled water, or home filtration systems that require continual maintenance and ongoing costs. Experience structured water to see what’s possible when drinking water the way nature intended.

We hope you will take a few minutes to learn more about the structured water unit on this website and read testimonials from people who have experienced it’s miraculous benefits.

Connect with Clayton Nolte, inventor of Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water™ products, in his bi-monthly tele-class.

This is a great opportunity to call in and learn more about Structured Water™, the benefits and the science behind it, and our Structured Water™ products. You will be provided time to ask questions, or just listen to expand your education of all that’s possible with Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water™ products.

All calls are recorded and will be made available to listen to at your convenience.!

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